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5 Helpful Website Rules: What Fits In the Frame

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Frames. What do you think of when I say the word? Maybe the fancy ones surrounding great art on the walls of museums. Maybe a single image in a strip of film. In terms of a blog though, it does not seem applicable. However, I disagree and have created one. In film talk, there is a term, what's in and out of the frame. I have expanded this to include what we curate into, and leave out of, our public selves, both IRL and online. These choice often happen by gut, but I believe they deserve some deeper consideration, a set of SOP's in place as you navigate life, or, more accurate, lives, as we live them today. And in the spirit of honesty, here are some parts of my life that will never get included in this frame.

My Politics

Sort of an obvious one, and not always easy as politics touches far more of our daily lives than we consider, but I'm trying to help business owners but themselves into their 'About Me' pages and blogs. It's far too easy to get distracted but, well, everything and anything, but politics? That's a huge tornado, one that often has people self-excluding themselves. So, unless there is something that affects my business life, will stay outside the frame

My Family

Again, obvious, and like politics, family lies in even more difficult territory as they so often invade our professional lives, but I'm making the effort. And for selfish reasons. Work/life balance is a huge topic. People debate if it even exists while other struggles to balance them. For me, I'm in the former category. Life is life and it includes every part of it. Balance matters less than living one that matters, and I want the part that touches my family outside this frame. Selfish? sure. Possible, I'm giving it my best shot.

My other Job(s)

As much as I wish I could say it right now, I don't earn all of my living this way. I have a W2 job and a novel, a trilogy I'm working to get off the ground. Neither will get much mention here for two reasons. First, when I'm in business mode, and that includes the creation and publishing of this blog, I need to remove distractions. I can't multitask. No one can, but that's an argument for another day. I can't and so I won't. Second, you don't care. Exception, my W2 job is fairly physical and writing is sedentary. Health related posts will have to include this, but that's all you get. No work rants, you have my word.

Other Businesses Mistakes

I follow the work of others in my field, as any responsible owner does, but if one of them has a major public oops, that does not touch my niche, you won't hear about it. If it does, then we'll take that on a case by case basis, and the case will have to be an egregious incident before I even consider it. However, missteps happen. No one begins anything thinking 'I'm going to spend X years devoting time and energy on something people will dislike.' Reveling is tacky, and you know what they say, you'll run into them when you eventually make one of your own.

My Romantic Life

Hey, I'm as nosy as the next person. I'll take your relationship gossip, laugh, cry and share along with you. And then I'll vault it, never mentioning to outsiders, or again if that's what you want. The internet, as we all know, has not vault. Worse, it's a microphone that echos for years. Hell, your in the moment rant can, and for many has, outlast your relationship. No one deserves that, so I'll bitch to my girlfriends over a glass of wine and spare everyone here the drama. And for those of you who say this is a given, that I shouldn't need to state this rule, let me point out that there are brands BUILT on the personal lives of their owners, and those lines blur far too easily, so I'm making it a rule at the outset.

No you know my criteria. Not for you? I get it. We all have only so much focus. At least I didn't waste your time. If, however, you're still in, welcome. I hope you enjoy the ride. Come back often and share your thoughts.

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