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  • Colleen Watson

Between A Conference and A Time Crunch: What's Coming Up With Century Plant

Hello all.

Time for some honesty, I didn't get around to creating a blog post for this week. Sorry. I'm really working to have something for you every two weeks, but it just didn't happen this time. I have so much going on that it just got lost. In fact, it wasn't until Sunday that I even remembered that I needed to have something to post today. Nothing to do but own up.

Of course, I could have glossed over it. I could skip this week and not have explained anything, but that's not exactly honest or transparent. Since I'm striving for both, here is the truth. Besides, the reasons behind my forgetting are actually exciting. Things I'm looking forward to. Not a bad reason for a memory slip, right? Too many good things are coming up. You know about Denver Startup Week already. If you're in Denver on September 23rd at 1 PM I would love to see you.

Next up on the agenda I have two projects in the works. I'm so excited to tell you about them. Stay tuned, big news in the works. Until then, be well, rock your business and your life rock star.


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