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  • Colleen Watson

By the Numbers: Using metrics to define success with CCP

Alright, so now that I have my ideal client worked out and all that good stuff, let’s circle back to the numbers, Time to talk SMART goals.

I write this blog to and for the ideal, for Diana. We all need something, or someone, to aim for. That does not change the fact that not every client is her, not every client is ideal. No correction, NO client is ideal, and that’s fine. That’s as it should be. No one can meet the impossible standards that ideals demand. We all have flaws. That’s what makes it interesting with every new client, because who doesn’t like a surprise now and then? But, none of that pays the bills. Income does, and everything that I do needs to be in service of that. Time for questions #3:

What is the metric you will use to define success? And not something mushy, no. What tangible piece or pieces of data will you use to determine success? It’s all about the SMART goals here. For those of you unaware, the acronym is:

For me, my business hinges on the size of my mailing list. I need enough people on it to make a living. What is that number? For most people, and this is my BHAG goal for the next 3 years, is to get to 1000 people. Why? Because if a third of them constantly open and read your emails, you’re golden. Right now, I have 68 people, so I have some way to go.


Except that’s not what this blog is for. It’s what my lead magnets are for. I have one up right now that isn’t doing anything for me, but haven’t had the time to improve (see last post). And I have one getting ready to launch that I have high hopes for. I believe it’s simple enough and focuses on a hot topic, and that combo will push me into the triple digits. So what is the actual goal of the blog? Well, it's twofold.

First, it is here to help me keep the audience I have informed and entertained. And that means that I keep that one third open rate and lose only five percent of the people to get my lead magnet. Second, it gives me copy that I can use on social media so that I don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel and allows for a consistent message across all my outlets. Most importantly, it gives me the content for my weekly email. And it’s through that engagement that I keep and grow my list, and my business.

That said:

Specific: Have 30 % of my list open my emails (the subject of which comes from the blog) and 5% of the list unsubscribe after getting my lead magnet

Measurable: I have a services that tracks all of this, so, measurable

Achievable: I believe that my two lead magnets can and will drive the list for the rest of 2023, and I’m less than 40 subscribers away from triple digits. This is doable

Realistic: My list is life. I have to keep them interested and me top of mind

Time-Bound: The great thing about blog posts is that they have two time-bound features. The currency, where they have maybe a month and the evergreen, which can be rewritten and repurposed endlessly

I wish that this was a more direct thing. I do. It feels like step three down the funnel, and it is. Success, however, depends on steps one and two. Still, I believe in what I have to offer and I have the first of what I assume will be many SMART goals in my business.

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