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Launching My 2024: My Marketing Plan

Hello again Bloomers!

Now that I’ve got my life and business goals aligned, it’s time to get the word out about my big plans, aka marketing. And I do have big plans, revenue plan, product plans and expansion plans. Still, in the immortal words of Dolly Parton, if you don’t honk your own horn, how will anyone know you’re coming? Here’s how I plan on making noise.

Step One: Build On What I Have

I’ve been working on consistent content since June of this year, giving me six months of ideas as well as previous years content to pull from. I’ll start there, review it and see what I can repurpose or update. Hint: updating old posts are a serious content gold mine most creators don’t use. Why reinvent the wheel?

Step Two: On My 2024 Calendar Right Now

As I said in my last post on ‘business planning,’ I’m launching two new products next year. Also scheduled are three conferences I plan on attending. I also have next to no budget for much until the middle of the year, so I’ll need to take advantage of cheap to free products until then. Every business has constraints. These are mine. Given them, what does my current marketing include?

  • Continue my daily video series on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube until at least April

  • Pitch and land podcasts consistently until I reach my goal of eight shows a month

  • Launch two new lead magnets for each new product, one in January and one in March

  • Connecting with people weekly. My current number is 25 and I will keep doing that to remain consistent

Big picture, it’s all about connecting, owning my space and taking responsibility for following through.

Step Three: Defining the Bullseye

As I’ve said, you need goals. Why? Because without a bullseye you don’t have a target to aim at. My business goal is a number, a monetary one. My marketing goal is also a number: 1000. That’s how many people I want on my email list by the end of the year. They say you can make a good living with a thousand true fans. So, for clarification: I am aiming to have a thousand true fans on my playlist. With that, I can build a business that lasts.

Step Four: My Final Thoughts

Notice that nothing I’ve mentioned is really complicated if you have the right equipment (and I’ve already done that work). Difficult? That’s another issue. Consistency is difficult, Authenticity, while necessary, can be demanding on the self. It is for me and it’s taken me a long time to get comfortable with BEING the axis my business rotates around and not the words I write. It’s still a work in progress, a good thing. It indicates a life in progress and not stagnating.

Wow! Ended that on a philosophical note. Again, a fine thing. We all have our personal ones, and it is part of the foundation of the businesses we create. If you want to talk about yours’s, I’ve got 30-minutes on my calendar with your name on it.

Thanks for reading along and remember rock stars, it’s never too late to bloom.

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