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Looking for the Enemy: Framing my business blog competitors

Hello all! We are now onto question six:

Who are your competitors? This is where you look outside. Who is doing what you do and do they also have a blog/newsletter/podcast? If so, what is their focus? Who are they not serving that you can?

I have narrowed into a very specific set of products and since I’m such a niche provider, It makes it easy to look up my products. Here is what I found.

By Leolo212 on Pixabay

The ‘Step Up To the Mic’ and ‘AMP Up Your ‘About Me’ Page products

I can find no direct competitors for these two products, who hone in specifically, particularly not at my price point. I deliberately keep both of these products reasonably priced for those just start out and with a limited budget for marketing.

Personal rant: I have read many articles on AMP’s and they frustrate me to no end. Why? First, they are great at telling you what you need, and what you should avoid doing, but none of them help you actually write anything. Second, the example given in many of them, polished to shine, and provided in order to give a template for readers to pull from and create their own, leaves questions unanswered. Ones that matter to me. What questions?

  • How many drafts did it take to get to what we see?

  • Who actually wrote it?

  • How long did it take to complete?

  • Were there any directives given to the writer, parameters they needed to stay within?

The answers to these questions give a better sense of the process that in involved and what you can expect to go through in creating your own AMP

The Content Creation Playlist:

This is a different situation. Blogging strategists are far more prevalent and typical come in two forms:

  1. Agencies who include it as part of an a la carte menu of services, including social media, paid advertisement and public relations. These come in many shapes and sizes but often demand a larger budget than the businesses I prefer to work with can manage.

  2. Solopreneurs who focus almost exclusively on blog strategy packages in a variety of ways but they don’t actually create the content.

My Difference

I think it’s obvious with category I fall into, but the difference I see it twofold

  1. My product is designed to create a full year of content and act as accountability coach to the owner who chooses to write the posts or procurer of a quality writer if the owner wants to outsource that

  2. I work with a businesses social media person to ensure consistency across all public facing content

In short, I organize their marketing and this will be my focus. How to think and plan your marketing at various stages with various budgets.

That’s my frame. My goal is to grow with the business as a trusted partner, helping them in the early days to grow and then stratigizing with them when they are working to get to the next stage in their business development.

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