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  • Colleen Watson

Oops...I forgot to blog: the struggle for grace

Blogging demands discipline. You must, push come to shove, get your content up when you promise to. I promised every other week and, despite obstacles, I’ve managed to get my posts up these past few weeks. Last Monday. I looked at the calendar and realized that I planned for, and wrote, two blog posts, and the way the weeks lay out, May needed three. Now, even though I got the post done, I still struggle for grace.

Confession One

I started writing this last Monday, until I re-looked at the calendar and realized I had another week. I then put it away and took it up again on Memorial Day—no days off for an entrepreneur.

Confession Two

I’m a should person. I have all kinds of ideals about how things should be, and how I am a failure if I can’t measure up to those self-imposed standards. Like forgetting/not noticing that your blogging program calls for three posts, and that I’m one short. You can imagine the self recrimination that I’ve flogged myself with. Because, of course, I did. And then, when I had another week to get it done, and I didn’t have to have this level of anxiety, I hit myself all over again, for going into panic mode without needing to.

That’s where giving myself grace comes into play. I’ve had some hard weeks. Kicking myself for it, logically, is unproductive and counterintuitive. Still, I do it. My goal, soften the blows and don’t believe everything I think. It does not always work, but it’s better, and that’s all anyone, including me, can ask.

What about you? Have any of those nasty should's lurking around in your brain? Share them in the comments

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