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Start With Why: Introducing My Why (For Now)

We all know to start with why. If not, Simon Sinek tells us to in his book of the same name. Everyone whose read that book nods and agrees with the premise: start with why, move on to what and then figure out how. He provides great, though somewhat obvious, examples of businesses who never get lost in the weeds. Except no one manages that. You can't and don't want to. That's where we grow, but explaining that costs you the great narrative that drives the book forward. To me, the mistakes are the best parts of the story. And, in truth, maybe the bit WHY is always a bit of a mystery, buried in the subconscious. That said, I do have some up-front reasons for why I started Century Plant, what drives me and how I visualize the future.

So, what's you WHY already?

Fine, since you asked, I love that my business combines two major centers of meaning in my life: writing and teaching. And because I push the idea that all your writing needs, at heart, to come from a place of service

The Joys of Writing (and the miseries)

I'll start with the obvious. Juicy gossip about to drop: I love having written a lot more than I like writing. The latter act often results in cringe worthy content, often feels lonely and brings up annoying social judgement when you declare it as a profession. Even worse, the 'Really, what do you write?' question comes up second often gets asked in a tone that implies you engage in a suspect activity. It also supports a hierarchy, with some types of writing more acceptable than others. Given that, it's a wonder anyone surrenders to the drive to do that. Why do I? Simple, I'm a happier person when I'm writing. Yep, a 100% selfish truth. And, somehow, also selfless. In other words, a confounding adult activity, as most grow-up activities are, I own and, some days, even love. Getting to bring that love to this new setting excites me.

A Born Teacher?

Just ask my mother. Really, though, in a former life I was a librarian who did storytimes, hosted gaming tournaments and planned parties. In short, I played hostess to many programs. Some fun, sure, but many roped in an educational element where I got to teach. Those that involved a less plan; making cheese, organization tips or making a paint pendulum masterpiece (all of which I did) filled me. I had as much fun as my kids. That brings that back. I love the joy of connect a person with a new idea, game plan, perspective or even a better version of themselves. Helping entrepreneurs hone in on not only their message, but their voice, plan their content or post an 'About Me' page that feels authentic is the best natural high.

You Get What You Give

Talking about whys, your blog needs one as well. And no, 'I need to boost SEO' does not count. A blog, like everything else, must fit into the overall purpose of your business. That means it requires both a point of view and boundaries along with the time necessary to do it right. Your blog is a place where your needs and Google's align. They need to provide good content to answer the huge number of questions that users ask it. After that, they do not monitor for accuracy, for bias or anything else but clicks and links. You must be better than that. You much approach your blog as a place you serve people, customer or not, who need your knowledge for free. Yes, this builds trust that can lead to a paying customer, but you need to be more than your bottom line. A blogger with a sense of service wants to be a helpful and active participant in the community they serve.

The whys matter. If you don't have one for your blog, don't start one. Yes, you read that right. But, if you have even a nudge of a feeling about how your blog can work to both find you clients and help out the part of the world into your product and service, consider it. Need help with it, contact me:

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