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The Crossroads: Finding my content niche with the CPP

Hello again and welcome back

Time for the seventh question in the CCP series and I have a, deceptively, small and simple post this time:

How will we fill that gap? What sort of content can we create that isn’t being covered AND will help you get traction with the audience you want?

I spoke last time about what I won't cover, so how will I fill a hole? And what will I fill it with?

First, my focus. I do post every other week, so 26 total of those 13 will focus on blogging, 6 on ‘About Me’ page and 7 on general marketing information or other things affecting my business and, by extension, yours..

What that means

Sounds simple, right, but nothing ever is. Blogging and bloggers use different models for different ends. I do not serve all of them in my business. For example, I work with bloggers adding it to their marketing plans to support their main product or service. They are starting or reviving because they see it as a means to get to the next level of their business.

Picture by Pixsource on Pixabay

Who Doesn't Fit In the Frame (And Does)

I don’t work with those for whom a blog IS their business. One where success defined by readers, the creation of products or classes sold on that site and affiliate links. There are great people for that, but not me. Nor do I serve those with non-monetized personal blogs created out of a particular passion and done as a means of personal expression. Can both of these use part of my process for their success? Sure, but they are not my people.

However, tech revolutions (hello AI), shifts in SEO, how to repurpose content, new ventures and/or promos for my business and maybe even an interview post or tow are all possibilities for posts you might see in the future.

But all of them involve creative business writing. All of them meet at the crossroads where flowy creativity and stuffy business meet and merge. Because I sincerely believe this is the future of what great copy is all about.

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