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The Techno-Pocalypse or My Computer Crashed, Followed by My Life

It began simply enough. My screen wouldn’t turn on, but I’d unplug and re-plug it back in and, success! Didn’t think much about it. Until it happened again. And again. Figured I’d ask my tech support (aka my big brother, Bob) next time I saw him. Did so. He and my sister-in-law were coming over for lunch later that week and he’d said he’d take a look at it. Died the day he came over; the screen went black and stayed that way. My main computer had officially crashed.

Well f**k.

It got worse.

I have a back-up computer. Same thing happened with it. Yep, you read that right, THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO THE BACKUP!

An illustration of a laptop computer surrounded by packing boxes
Packing up my laptop

The primary computer was under warranty, requiring my lovely brother (who gave it to me as a gift, therefore it was in his name) to order me a box so I could send it in to get fixed. The second, well, that’s an SOL situation. Fixing that comes out of my pocket. Still debating if it’s worth it.

Oh, yeah, and I still have a business to run! Time to pivot. Out came my tablet and, to varying degrees of success, my patience. I got the computer back far earlier than expected, A+++ work on the part of Lenovo tech support, but the fallout lasted far longer.

Mojo-interruptus hit like a Mack truck

The computer situation highlighted a larger issue: I was stuck. I believed in my new product, but I couldn’t seem to pull the pieces together. I gave myself busy work to fake productivity. Then the computer got yanked, and I couldn’t even manage that.

I found myself flipping between excitement and panic on a dime. Oh, and I had questions, so many questions that I was avoiding answering. Those included:

  • How do I combine my old & new businesses?

  • Do I use my current website or build a new one?

  • How do I update my social media?

  • What sort of product do I want? A 1-1 coaching session, cohort classes or an online course?

  • Who can I build alliances with?

Sadly, I reverted to my typical response when dealing with overwhelm I froze. For a while I spend too many hours on YouTube or watching reruns of 9-1-1 or Castle. Then I found Death and Other Details & A Murder at the End of the World on Hulu and got sucked in (confession: so I don't regret the last two. LOVED both of them, critics be damned!) 

I also got sick of myself. This feels horrible but turns into the biggest blessing in the end.

Do Something!

Cover of Jen gottlieb's book Be Seen: Find Your Voice, Build Your Brand, Live Your Dreams

Right before I hit total disgust with myself, a small voice got me to do something. I'd read the book Be Seen by Jen Gottlieb and she gave this simple advice. Figured it wouldn't hurt, so I followed the advice. Not a big thing, just something. What was it? Don’t honestly remember, yep it was that much of a nothing step. But it was something.

Then I did something else and then more somethings. It sounds so simple but simple works. I have it taped to my computer to remind me that even if I were to lose my most basic equipment, I don’t have to get stuck.

Start Believing!

Funny thing, when you start moving in the direction of your vision, even small steps, you start falling in love with it again. You also find that the idea flow that has reduced to a trickle, starts to get steadier & steadier. (Get picture from A Villa in Italy or My Big Greek Fat Wedding 3). The ideas start to crackle again and you start putting more and more minutes towards it.

Oh, and you write a blog post about it 🙋

I know this post isn’t very businesslike. That it feels more like a diary than a piece of content about running a business. I agree. So what? In a weird way, every piece of content created for a business; bios, blots, brochures, eBooks, product descriptions or scripts for videos highlights your voice. Every picture, illustration, infographic or chart shows people what you find beautiful. It’s all about what you value, and what I value has changed. My business has changed.

It will happen to you. For me, it was a technology meltdown. For you, it will probably be something else. But when you hit a wall, eventually the wall hits back. And when it does, you either stay down or get up and start moving again. 

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