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  • Colleen Watson

What Is Creative Business Writing?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I hate to surrender to the temptation of making a grand statement that essentially means both nothing and a lot at the start of a piece of writing, but surrender I have. So, here goes: good communications is a crucial element in any successful business. See what I mean? Obvious and important, but not always easy. Business writing tends to get clogged with jargon and tapped down with careful legal wording, leaving it lifeless. I say enough. You can do better. Better is what creative business writing is all about.

Already A Business Writer

We tend to think of business writing as the public face of your business; marketing materials, website content, blogs, videos and speeches. While true, that only scratches the surface. It includes everything with words, so if you send out emails or texts, create any kinds of instructions or plan any kind of event, you're a business writer.

Putting the Creative Back Into the Business

You put a lot of creative energy into your business, so you know there is a place for it. Still, it's a bit scary to ask 'Can business writing do better?' I say not only can it, but, if you want to stand out in a noisy marketplace, it must.

What Is Creative Business Writing

At Century Plant, we define it as the combination of the professionalism of business with the personality of creative to make something that highlights the best of both. We spend the time getting to know you so that we can make sure to capture not only you expertise, but your unique take on the issues in your field.

That's our mission: Creating content that allows you personal mission to shine through you professional venues. Interested? Reach out and we can get started today.


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