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Who Are You?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Hello again!

Here we go with me as my beta client and question one: Tell me about your business? I want to hear all your current and future plans as well as the marketing strategy you’re using and what is and isn’t working. Most of all, I want to know, who are you? And how I can serve you.

I am a creative business writer and strategist. That’s my job title. But what does that mean?

CPP is all about building confidence—in your online persona’s authenticity, in your ability to help customers, in your devotion to walking your talk. That’s what I do. I see you as the rock star, that person who can somehow create magic out of the everyday. As for me, I’m the rock journalist, the person who puts words around the intangible, the ineffable. In simpler terms, I help entrepreneurs and small business owners find their own words to describe their purpose and post them for the world to see.

CPP Today: What do I do to help get the spotlight on my clients? Here is what I do:

Step Up To the Mic: This is the first step many clients take into my world. It’s designed to give clients something of real value; a marketer's total attention. Have a new product stuck in the noodling stage? Running an older promo not performing as well as it had in the past and you want to work out why? Or even someone to play devil’s advocate? Give me an hour, walk away with actionable solutions.

The ‘About Me’ Page (AMP): This is the easiest one, the most straight-forward of my offerings. I take my clients through a writing exercise called The Pixar 5 Sentence Method that ends with them having a first draft. Next step, I revise it, keeping what works, smoothing it out and creating an authentic feeling ‘About Me’ page and only ending when the client is happy.

The Content Creation Playlist: We help anyone working to create extended long-form content, blogs or podcasts, to make sure you can keep the well of ideas and inspiration flowing. Welcome to my process.

And Introducing

Website Remaster: Looking at your website and it feels…blah? Or maybe cringingly out of date? Maybe there is nothing wrong but it lacks any sort of zing or personality. Time to take the good tracks and remaster the rest, smoothing out the kinks until it sounds like the new you. We got through every page, every word and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

A quick pit stop. Wondering if this is strange? The answer is, yep, it is, but it’s also illuminating. I’m hoping it will be for you as well.

The Next Five Years

I will have created proven products that give my clients both tangible and intangible results. We’ve created hundreds of AMP’s that are story based capsules of what makes all businesses great, their people. CPP now employs 4-6 contractors part-time. We focus on small businesses, with a staff of fewer than 10 people. Running clients through a proven framework. They work in teams of two. One works as a facilitator, guiding people through the exercises and working with management and one writer who creates the amazing products that showcases the talent and products of small companies. We serve all sorts of businesses, but have focused on female lead companies. And females of all ages, races and orientations. Why? Because I hope for a fairer world, and I believe this is one way to help build it.

I have personal goals for this blog which includes having 1000 followers, 100 true fans and a still growing community. The blog has external backlinks from several major sites as well as a few interviews with both regional and national publications/sites. I DO NOT want to write a book. Strange, I know, but, to me, the blog IS the book. It is the legacy I want this business to leave. I have another life as a novelist/podcaster/play writer (I know, but I have ideas to pursue outside of this) and I want to put the bulk of my creative writing energy into those.

As for the long form content end, we open The Blog Pod. The premise is easy. Instead of doing all this work with individuals, I bring together 5-7 small business owners in different fields together to work on their content calendars. We meet as a group once a quarter to work on their blogs or podcasts and, more importantly, on their businesses. I deliberately want owners in different fields for fresh eyes and unexpected angels. I’ll have my first two beta groups up and running at this point as well as input from investors on how to expand this and bring on two facilitators.

Well, there you go. See you in two weeks for question two!

If you want to start your own blog, make an appointment to talk about it here

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