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Who Is Your Blog For? Question 3 in the content playlist program

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Time to move on to question three where we start getting more specific

Question 3: Who is this for? Is it to lure in potential clients, further service for your current clients? Or some combination of the above?

It’s an old tried and true writer's trick: pick someone you’re writing to. Not a vague picture, no, go into the details. Who clicks on one of your posts, loves it and signs up for your lead magnet or newsletter, who comes back because they love your content. Your message. YOU! What do they look like, do for a living and value? If you don’t have a target to shoot for, you’ll miss your aim every time.

So, get to the point already Colleen, who is this for?

First off, yep, this is for me. I like to write. And doing so as myself, in my voice. I miss it. I need a small pocket to be able to express myself and share my words. And the reality is, so much of what I do is for other people. That’s fine. That’s the gig, one I love. I am grateful I get to earn a living doing something I believe in and value, but I need something just for me. This is it. And I defend it to any and all comers. Besides, how else will you get to know me if I don’t write something as me? You can’t, but that is also avoiding the question.

Tell me about the clients these posts are FOR, Colleen; present or future? I’m a business writer. My current clients get my writing. They don’t need to read bi-weekly or weekly (I’m mulling over a change, but haven’t made up my mind yet) blog posts to get a sense of who I am. They’ve already paid for my expertise.That means this is directed to those future clients who need to proof. Proof of what? At least one of the following:

  • The importance of writing in a digital age

  • How the right words can cut through all the noise and tell your story with the precision of a scalpel

  • The value of long-term, long-form content IF you have a plan (wink, wink)

  • That while AI can sound like a human, it cannot sound like you and won’t gain that skill in the near future

  • Your story is one of you most valuable assets

Most of all

And yes, this really is the most important point:

  • Blogs are one of the most important ways that help ensure that you get the most value out of your words

As for that reader, the one I always have in my minds as I create things going forward, we’ll dig into the details of that in the next post where we answer that tricky ideal customer question.

Are you thinking of starting this journey yourself? Schedule a Playlist call and we’ll see if this is a good tool for your business. At Century Plant Publishing, You do the business, I'll do the writing.

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