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Your Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Blog, Newsletter or Podcast With Intention

Hello again!

I want to introduce you to my very first Content Creation Playlist client

Look familiar. Yes, the very first person to go through my process is me. Why? Because, as every computer game programmer knows, if you want to make sure it works, you need to eat your own dog food. Sorry, what you non-game programmer is asking? It means you need to actually play the game you're designing to make sure it works.

Is this really a good idea, Colleen?

You might argue that I’m my first first client. On the positive side, I do like her, but she has a hard time taking constructive criticism. Then again, who’s good at that? If they exist I want to meet them and force them to reveal their secret. Still, I’m honest to admit I’m a bit biased, but not so far gone that I don’t acknowledge the ring of truth to that. Still, I’ve only taken on the title of the first, not the best. And I have another reason for doing this.

By going through the process of answering all my questions for myself it lets me show you that I walk my talk. It also lets me experience, first hand, the pain points as they prick me. So, I’m going to answer all nine of my questions, the ones I’ll take you through, and write about it in my bi-weekly blog posts. Oh, right, the questions:

  1. Tell me about your business? I want to hear all your current and future plans as well as the marketing strategy you’re using and what is and isn’t working. Most of all, I want to know how I can serve you.

  2. What do I want out your blog? Yes, blogging works, but only if you know your why? What do you want your readers to get out of what you write? What impact do you want to make?

  3. What is the metric of success? What tangible piece or pieces of data will you use to determine success? It’s all about the SMART goals here.

  4. Who is this for? Is it a lure for potential clients, further service for current clients or some combination of the two?

  5. Who is your ideal customer? Did you really think you wouldn't have to answer that question during this process? If so, sorry to disillusion you. You must know exactly who you want to read this and love what you have to say and follow you. Tell me all about him/her/them

  6. Who are your competitors? This is where we look outside. Who is doing what you do and do they also have a blog/newsletter/podcast? If so, what is their focus? Who are they not serving that you can?

  7. How do we fill that gap? What sort of content can we create that is’t being covered and will help you get traction with the audience you want.

  8. Are we still a go? Yes, after all of this, you can still decide that this is not the path you want to take. You may have discovered a new way, or want to restructure some things. I understand. This is a big commitment and if you go another way, I will do everything in my power to support you on that path, feel grateful for having gotten to know you and part ways with no hard feelings.

  9. What are the nitty-gritty details? How many blogs a month? Any extras? What are the SEO keywords are we using to build your audience? Here is where we get to work on the content calendar so you know what you’re doing for the next year

Come along as I take you on my personal journey and rebuild my blog from scratch. See you in two weeks for a deep dive into question one.

Think blogging might be for you, but aren’t sure, then Step Up to the Mic and book a call with me to discuss it.

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