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  • Colleen Watson

A Quick Break: My lead magnet launch in 3 (somewhat easy) steps

Hello all,

I’m going to take a quick break in the blog planning series in progress to talk about something happening in another part of my business. Don’t worry, I 100% am getting back on track with my next post, but I thought I’d discuss something I’m really excited about-my new lead magnet: The Revision Recipe Worksheet, and the work that went into it and the work still to come.

Step One: Reinventing the wheel

Photo taken by jackmid34 on Pixabay

I initially created this in association when first creating my presentation Rock Star ‘About Me’ Pages for Non-Writers that I offered at Denver Startup Week in 2022. I offered it as a freebie to those who wanted to know what to do with their first draft and I put it into that slot in my brain.

And then came AI

And we all (or at least an insanely large percentage of us) decided to let the hive mind do our writing for us. Me, I saw an opportunity. Sure, the computer could write your copy, but guess what, you still needed to read it and make corrections and revisions. Hello light bulb moment. I could take what I wrote and pivot it slightly for this new reality, and that’s what I did.

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

Step Two: Pivoting; what that actually looks like

Funny that I’m in the position of now talking about revising a piece focused on revising. Wow, how meta of me, but, in fact, that’s what I had to do. I took content written for a specific purpose and stepped back and reconsidered. What changed by plugging this into a new context (not as much as I’d feared). Also, how might my assumptions of the users wants and needs might change (more than I’d assumed). I took all that into consideration and rewrote it. And then revised some more. And, yes, then again. Then I got several people to read it and give me some feedback. Then I did a final revision

Yes, that’s what it takes (as you’ll discover for yourself if you download and use the worksheet)

Step 3: It’s done, now what?

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Here is what I’ve started with:

  1. My current email list received a series of posts about it

  2. I launched posts about it all over my social media

  3. I added a popup to get it to my website

And now I could use some advice. Ironic I know, but I’m too close to it and could use some new ideas. What out of the box idea would you have me try. Share in the comments

Thanks for reading along rock stars and remember, it’s never too late to bloom!


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