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Planning Your 2024: Creating Your Business Plan

Hello again Bloomers!

Continuing my deep dive into prepping for 2024 and looking at how I created my business plans. Yep, business plans are second to my life plans. I focused on my products, my processes and my bottom line. Part of self-care, as it turns out, is to put the person before the business as a businessperson, but now, let’s get back to business.

Up, Up and Away: The Launches

Yep, I’m doing two major launches next year. The first takes flight right after the start of the year and the second will take off in March. I’m deliberately not going into details here. It’s still in progress and the pieces of the final product are getting shuffled around until I like the picture they form. What I can say without reservation is that I’m excited about both of them and psyched because they are compact and give me the ability to help more people and ensure growth and revenue.

The CEO Is CEO-ing

I’m like most business owners. I spend my days on posting, connecting, networking and creating. I move projects forward and get things done, but on any given day I can’t tell you about how close I am to projections, what content is resonating or what two quarters ahead will look like in detail. On one given day each quarter, though, I’ll schedule and do a deep dive on the state of my business. I’ll take time to deliberate and decide on things that I’ve needed to take time to really consider and flesh out ideas and timelines. In short, I’ll climb to 50,000 feet for a day and take in the view and course correct if necessary.

Time To Grow

For too long I’ve played small. Time for that to end. Time to build the foundation for my future and, like it or not, that takes money. To get out of debt, fund my retirement, take at least one vacation a year and take care of family responsibilities. In short, a business that creates revenue for the life I want and deserve to have. I need to build up a business that creates revenue. And not minor, getting by revenue, but big, and live beyond the ebb and flow of my business revenue. The number I’m shooting for? $200,000 bottom line by the end of 2024. To make it happen I’ll need to work on processes and habits. Oh, and to get there will require more than a staff of one. That means it’s also the year I get help. Once I’ve got all this down so that it’s a smoothly operating machine, I can focus on something else, but this is the year of growing up.

Oh, and about help, If I were a betting gal, I would put money on getting a financial professional (hello accountant) and someone to keep me together. It’s a big mind shift for me, but a necessary one. I cannot make this number as I am now.

Oh, Yea, Creating a Business Plan for Business #2

Yes, I have a second business and my partner and I are figuring out what that looks like next year as well. We’ll have to agree on what we can manage along with business number one. That’s another post for another day. I mention it now because many people out there have side gigs that, because they are on the side, don't get the attention they deserve. Even if you don’t have any intention of ditching your W2 job for a full-time business, you and your clients deserve the best business you can give them.

Those are the basics for my business. Again, I will do a review next November of how it went. For now, I’m working on how I’m going to get the word out about all this stuff. You know, a marketing plan, and that’s what we’ll talk about next week.

If you want to talk about your business plans, feel free to make a 30-minute Anything appointment and we’ll talk through what you want next year to look like.

Thanks for reading along and remember rock stars, it’s never too late to bloom.

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