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  • Colleen Watson

Launching Your 2024: Create Your Life Plan

Hello again, Bloomers!

Oh, my goodness, it’s end of year time and I’m knee deep in getting the runway for 2024 set up. If you’ve been following my daily videos (on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube), you’ve heard me talk about the things to consider when making your plans. Now, however, we’ll do a deep dive on what I’ve decided. Oh, and I’m mixing things up. I’m starting in reverse order with my life plan and then move on to my business and marketing plans.

Taking Time Off for A Life

I’m considering 2023 a big…frustration. I’m not complaining. I needed to put family first and, after, find my equilibrium. And not just for this year, but for the past few years, because, yeah, we’ve all been through a lot. I’m writing on solid ground now, but part of me is waiting for yet another foot to drop. It’s residue and part of how I’m facing it down and stomping it into the past is to plan my 2024, including my vacations and other fun experiences. I need me some fun. So far, I’m planning one big vacation, two long weekends and one fun experience a month.

Putting the Self in Self-Care

I’ve spent a lot of time taking care of other people. I wish I could state that meant I was out of practice in this area, but, really, I’ve never been good at this. Anyone else guilty of this? Oh, you too? Great, nice to know I’m not alone here. Well, after the past, checks calendar, yep FOUR years, it’s time to be kinder to myself. How? Not 100% sure just yet. I’m in the brainstorming phase, but I have a few thoughts. More time outside for one. I know that. Meditation and mantras, too. Rewards for work accomplished will also get figured out. Beyond that, it’s a bit up in the air, but I’m blocking out space and will fill it when I figure it out.

A Healthy Exercise (and Life Plan)

Yep, they also went to the toilet these past few years. And, yep, I was never great at this before those years. I’m now older and working on wiser. I’ve learned the futility of trying huge changes all at once. Willpower gives out and then you just feel like crap and retreat further back than from where you began. I’m going to focus instead on adding one new, easy to complete health and fitness habit each month. Oh, and cooking. I’m determined to expand my kitchen skills. Basically, twenty-four changes for the year. Up first, one dance a night and meditation.

Keeping Up the Connections

So I do not see my friends enough. That will change with a monthly coffee/brunch/lunch date with friends. And well, that’s all.

Work-Life Balance/Unbalance

There is a lot of talk about this. And, for the record, I’ve decided to start ignoring it. Why? Look at anyone who has accomplished anything major; Olympic medals, climbing mountains or even claiming a Guinness world’s record. Do you see balance? Nope, me either. They were all in on their goal and we’re willing to let other parts of their life suffer. That’s the price of something big. I’m willing to pay it. I have a singular goal for this year, and while I will have a life, I accept that for most of this year, I will set the above aside and give all my energy to attaining the 2024 goal. That’s why I’m making sure the LIFE plan gets on the calendar first.

Well, that covers the big stuff. I’ll review how I did next November in public and privately during the year on my CEO days. You can’t make this a one and done deal. You must review it often to make you stay on track. What about you? What is big in your life this year? Share in the comments.

Thanks for reading along and remember rock stars, it’s never too late to bloom!

Photo credits:

Ron Lach on Pexels, Alina Vilchenko on Pexels, Michela on Pixabay, and fancycrave1 on Pixabay


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