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THE Question: Should I Have a Blog?

Hello all!

Now we’re getting to THE question. The one all the work up until now lead to. Ready? Here we go:

Should I have a blog? I need to know, are we still a go? Yes, after all of this, you can still decide that this is not the path you want to take. You may have discovered a new way or want to restructure some things. I understand. This is a big commitment and, after doing all the previous work, you may have rethought things. However, once we get here, it's the no going back point, so think long and hard about this question.

For me, this was never really a question. I have a business centered, in part, on blog strategy. Having a blog is a necessity. But what happens next? There are only two paths.

Photo by Sunny Sunflower on Pixabay

If you (my amazing client) say no

As strange as it might seem, I ask this question in all seriousness. At the start of this journey, it might seem like a no brainer. However, as we dig deep into things, your plans, your business, heck, your life might change. That’s a hard reality that is par for this product. If we arrive at a no, all the data we uncovered is yours and, if you have a different marketing idea, I’ll work to find you any specialist you might need to realize them.

Why? Because I believe that if there is a sliver of doubt, if it’s not 1000% a yes, then it’s a no.

And then, I’ll shake your hand and wish you well. The door will remain open. I want you to succeed. No hard feelings, cross my heart.

If you (my amazing client) say yes

If you have that 1000% certainty, great. We’ll do a happy dance celebration.

And then we’ll get back to work. Sorry, not done, not even close.

Time to start making some tard decisions. Those important, set in stone decisions like

  • How often will you post (monthly, bi-weekly or weekly)

  • What is your word count range? Also, will you keep it consistent, or will it vary?

  • What SEO keywords do you want to hone in on

  • What established promos/anniversaries/speaking engagements or other events do you want your audience to be aware of

  • Are you wanting to write the posts yourself or have you decided to hire out that service? IF hiring a writer, then we need to have that in progress while we are hammering out the calendar with a firm start date established.

Once we know all that then, finally, we get started on your content calendar for the year. Here is how the year will go:

Q1: we will have every post worked out in great detail including SEO, intended audience, word count and due dates.

Q2: We will have specific details figured out including the above but have not 100% ironed out every detail as things might change.

Q3: We will have general ideas for posts worked out including the SEO we want to work with, but things are easily shifted around within the quarter.

Q4: We will have themes for these 3 months but have not decided on any specifics.

We will meet a month before the end of the quarter to review how things are going, firm up the posts for the next quarter and get more and more specific with the following 2 quarters.

So, yes. Stay tuned as the next two posts will be all about figuring out a content calendar, what it looks like and how I decided on all the variables.

Until next time, Rock On! And remember, it’s never too late to bloom.

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