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  • Colleen Watson

My Fresh Start in 2024: New Year, New(ish) Business

We all start the new year with the feeling of a clean slate, the hope of a fresh start. Sadly, it passes. Resolutions pop, and typically within weeks. It’s so easy to forget to plan and plow ahead on hope. But hope isn’t enough. It never is but use it to flesh out a plan and then maybe, just maybe, hope is made manifest. I’ve always described my clients as rock stars. That stays the same. How I define it in my business, that’s undergoing a shift. 

New Inspiration in NOLA

I went to New Orleans this year, and I got inspired by this musical city. They turn everything into a celebration, including funerals, during which total strangers join the mourners in celebrating the life laid to rest. In the lead is a band, known as the first line. My future belongs here, playing my instrument on the line, making sure my rock star clients’ stages have a solid foundation.

The Year of Mega Concert Tours

As we reflect on the last year, two words are unavoidable: Eras and Renaissance. They are shorthand for the two amazing women who headlined them and dominated popular culture. One of them, Taylor Swift, even earned the title of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Both she and Beyonce created an experience, one that both shifted from, and brought abundance to, each city they stopped at.

Their front line includes the musicians and dancers, visible to the audience. It also includes all the technical specialists and crew, from costumes and sound to drivers and caterers. Finally, it includes those who stay home; the lawyers, insurance brokers and structure that includes employees that run things while the artist(s) are on the road. The last don’t travel, but they offer the base of protection that makes everything else possible.

At the center of it all is the tour manager, the one who keeps it all going, making sure the first line stays solid and the second line, the community of fans gathered that night, get what they paid for. That’s me. Here are my productions.

What's Staying, What's Going & What's Coming

My OG product, AMP Up Your ‘About Me’ Page, will remain. I’ll still be AMP-ing up your ‘About Me’ pages, ensuring you put your best digital foot forward. I plan to continue presenting workshops, but in-person and online. It’s not broken so I’m not inclined to fix it. 

The other OG product, the Blogging Content Creation Playlist, is also staying. I love helping people create an amazing content strategy, but it’s getting a bit of a polish. I’m not saying too much here (I like mysteries). I’ll only say that it involves…expanding. That’s your only clue. Stay tuned.

No rock star sets foot on stage unless she’s sure she’s covered her bases, the unglamorous stuff, including his/her butt for when, not if, the unexpected arises. Consider me the tour manager of small business owners. For more details follow along here in the coming weeks and on The Blooming Journal LIVE on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube at 9 AM mountain time.

These changes feel natural to me, but I know it’s not necessarily logical. You know what? Don’t care. Even in business, there is space for the weird but right choices, ones that don’t fit in anywhere except that they align with your why. I am in the front line. I guild the solid stage my clients stand on.

Get ready to shine. What to talk about it? Make a 30-minute Anything appointment today:

Main Picture by Via Studio on Pexels


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